On a mission to develop Women Artisans…

We take pride in developing women artisans by providing them training to make handmade shoes.

In our small community, many women are unemployed due to lack of education with no source to earn a living.
They have the talent, but lack of job opportunities leaves them with no other option than to work on farms under scorching sun picking up weeds.
We decided do something wherein we could provide women with an opportunity to make a living.
The challenge was to figure out a way to teach them the art of handcrafted shoes.
We picked up our first batch of women and started the journey.

We started training in our makeshift classroom by moving aside furniture and hanging whiteboard on racks.

Women apply their training to make first sample ever.

Women become artisans after practicing their art to perfection. They train new artisans to close the loop.

A sense of satisfaction after working together as a team to create an art.

Mission Accomplished.